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Hungrybox Channels His Rage

In a weekend full of Smash Bros, The Bigger Balc wasn’t the melee tournament that people thought would stand out.

Out of the top twenty players, only three were in attendance. Edgard “N0ne” Sheleby, Joey “Lucky” Aldama and Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma. 

It seemed that this tournament would be an easy win for Hungrybox. Many saw the Melee tournament going on at the Bigger Balc as a side event to the Project M tournament that was being held concurrently. 

Then something unexpected happened. In winners semi finals, in a five game set, Lucky took the win and sent Hungrybox to losers bracket, to the shock of everyone in the venue. 

Hungrybox took the loss hard, posting on his twitter the single word “Slumpbox.” 

Lucky went on to defeat Peach main Theodore “Bladewise” Seybold to reach winners finals.

A visibly angry Hungrybox sat down to play his losers semi finals match against N0ne. Hungrybox emerged the victor 3-0. Next was Bladewise. Again, Hungrybox won 3-0. Lucky sat down for his grand finals set against Hungrybox, only requiring one set win out of two to seal the victory. As the match started it was clear to see that this was a completely different Hungrybox from winners semis. Lucky lost the first set 3-0 and the second set in the same way. 3-0. 

Hungrybox had taken the tournament in losers by winning 12 games in a row. 

Perhaps more so than his impressive losers run, Hungrybox’s post match interview is what the tournament will be remembered for.

Hungrybox lashed out at his critics in an often expletive filled interview.

To start with, Hungrybox explained his frustration at the fox matchup.

“I never want to hear any s**t again from any Fox player complaining about Puff […] If you ever complain about Puff you need to re-evaluate where you stand […] I die from a grab, up throw up air at 45 on Yoshi’s. If I land a rest on a platform, a side platform at 32% I’m dead? And people are giving me s**t?”

He also turned his vitriol towards Ice Climbers, a controversial, flub punish heavy character in the metagame with the only legal infinite combo that is tournament legal.

“I’m so done with ICs. I hope every single game from here on out goes to 8 minutes. I’ll taunt the s**t out of SoPo every single time.”

Hungrybox’s anger at Ice Climbers has even reached the point where he’s on the side of his long time nemesis Mang0. 

“I’m even done with Chu Dat beating Mang0. The first two times I was going crazy […] but the third time I watched it I kind of felt sick to my stomach."

The source of Hungrybox’s rage became clear towards the end of the interview. 

“I’m really angry Armada 3-0’d me. I’m not going to let that happen again.”

Before removing his headset, Hungrybox had one last thing to say. 

“I’m going to play so shameless. I’m going to play so shameless, you have no idea."

What exactly he means, we’ll find out at Smash & Splash this weekend. Hungrybox will be attending along with Armada,  Mang0 and Leffen.