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Published on 10th March 2018

Smash Switch New Character Speculation

Smash for the Switch is coming. People aren’t entirely sure if it’s a brand new game or a deluxe port of the Wii U version but nevertheless, it’s coming, and everyone is getting hyped. We already know that at least one new character will be joining the fray; the inklings from Splatoon. But what other characters will have the honour of joining them?

Here are ten of my picks for new characters in Smash Switch.

Likely Candidates

Ice Climbers

Removed from Smash 4 because the 3DS was unable to handle the memory requirements of having these two running around the battlefield, and subsequently removed from the WII U version for consistency, now that the 3DS is a non issue, we can expect Po Po and Na Na to rejoin the fray.

Famous for their infinite grab combos in both Melee and Brawl, expect to see these guys nerfed so hard you might just wish they had never been added back at all.

Captain Toad

Captain Toad has fast entered the hearts and minds of many a Nintendo fan. From his humble beginnings in Super Mario 3D World, to his staring turn in his own game, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and finally, to his tragic crash back down to earth as a glorified power moon dispenser in Super Mario Odyssey. What better way for Captain Toad to continue his wild ride than joining the cast of Smash Bros?

The biggest hurdle to Captain Toad as a character is that he is unable to jump. A skill that is much needed in a fighting game where the goal is knock your opponent off platforms and stop them from jumping back on.

Rex / Pyra

Along with the Splatoon, Xenoblade is one of Nintendo’s newest intellectual properties, so it only makes sense for them to raise awareness of the franchise by announcing some of it's characters for Smash.

Shulk, the protagonist from Xenoblade 1 graced Smash 4 with his interesting fighting style changing mechanics, and hopefully Rex or Pyra (or maybe both!) will have something unique in their gameplay to differentiate themselves from the many other sword characters that populate the cast of Smash.

Mimikyu & Decidueye

By the time Smash comes out on Switch, a new Pokémon game may have been announced or even released. Due to this it’s difficult to guess what Pokemon will be added to the rooster. If I had to choose from the current generation of Pokemon, I’d guess that Decidueye or Mimikyu will be joining the fray. Mimikyu because it's prominently featured in the anime, and Decidueye because it's the most unique of the three new starter Pokémon .

Ribbon Girl

ARMS is a fighting game. It commits the cardinal sin of using motion controls, but it is for all intents and purposes, it' a fighting game. So it makes sense that one of the fighters from ARMS would cross over to Smash. Why Ribbon Girl? Because she’s the only character I still remember from the trailers, and I'm sure she's the only one you remember too.

Possible Candidates


Ah Waluigi, the ostracised stepchild of Nintendo. Waluigi is never given the same love that his counterpart Wario is given. Likely because Waluigi was actually created by Camelot, a Nintendo second party developer. He was conceived so Wario could have a doubles partner in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Colour. He’s popped up as an assist trophy in previous Smash games, but perhaps now is finally Waluigi’s time to shine. If he makes the cut, expect a heavily sports based moveset.

Paper Mario

A popular spin off franchise known that most often takes the form of an RPG, Paper Mario has entered the hearts and minds of many Nintendo fan. Paper Mario would be able to distinguish himself from regular Mario by the fact that he is made of paper. But seriously, he would have a different moveset. He'd make good use of his hammer, his stomp and his adorableness.

Almost Impossible but I Can Dream


A recurring antagonist in the Mario & Luigi series, Fawful is primarily known for his odd speech pattern. His frequent use of gadgets could lend itself to an interesting fighting style. However, I say that he is unlikely for Smash 5 because Bowser JR already fights in a very similar fashion. Perhaps we can hope for Fawful as an alternative costume for Bowser Jr?

Phoenix Wright

This one is far fetched, especially because Phoenix Wright is a lawyer from a series of visual novels whose legs are never even shown. However, he’s successfully made the transition to a fighting game once before, being playable in Marvel VS Capcom 3 Ultimate, where he used his objections as a projectile and threw evidence at his enemies. It’s unlikely he’ll appear in Smash, but if he's playable, he's my new main.


Nobody wants tingle for Smash Bros. This strange, fairy loving man-child first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask selling maps, and through some sort of black magic blackmail was able to get his own game on the DS. However, because nobody wants him, he’s the ideal character for Smash Bros. Imagine the embarrassment when you lose to this guy? Other characters have been introduced out of left field before, so this one isn't impossible!